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    NATO-led troops kill one, injure two

    GARDEZ (PAN): One civilian was killed and two others wounded when International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops opened fire on cars in southeastern Paktia province on Thursday, officials and witnesses said.

    The incident happened in Gardez, the provincial capital, before noon, police said.

    A doctor at the Gardez Civil Hospital, Haya Gul Paktin, said they had received a dead body and two wounded people. One of the injured was shifted to Kabul, while the second was in stable condition.

    A witness said foreign troops opened fire at the vehicle travelling behind their convoy, without any warning signals.

    After the incidents, the troops shot dead another person in a nearby field, the witness said.

    The ISAF media office in Kabul said an investigation had been launched into the incident.

    Police chief, Brig. Gen. Abdul Ghafar Sapi, said ISAF forces had told him that two cars were seen approaching their convoy. The soldiers fired at the cars after they failed to reduce speed, despite warnings, he added.

    He said a man was killed in one car and two others were wounded in the second. The police chief said the incident was being investigated.