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    Residents demand market for farm products

    AIBAK (PAN): The residents of two districts in northern Samangan province on Thursday said they had no market for their agricultural products.

    As a result, they had to take their produce, including almond, walnut and wheat, to Aibak, the provincial capital, said Abdul Hakim, a resident of the Khuram area of Khuram Sarbagh district.

    Covering a distance of 60 kilometres, people also had to buy daily-use items in the provincial capital, he said. "If the government constructs a market in the district, our task will become easier," he added.

    The absence of a market not only troubled farmers, the resident continued, explaining women also sold and purchased their handicrafts in Aibak.

    Abdul Ghaffar, 35, a dweller of the Chinargi village, said the small bazaar in Feroz Nakhchir district could not meet their demands. "When we go to Aibak, we encounter so many problems, including a waste of time."

    Khuram Sarbagh district chief, Hafizullah, confirmed the problems of farmers and residents. When he shared the issue with officials, a team was dispatched to the area to conduct a survey for the market.

    The governor's spokesman, Mohammad Siddique Azizi, confirmed the urban development ministry had sent a survey team to the area to start work on markets in the two districts.

    With the implementation of the ministry's plan, all needs of residents would be met, he promised, saying parks, schools, clinics, mosques, shops and roads would be constructed in the districts.