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    Iran summons Afghan envoy over airspace violation

    KABUL (PAN): Iran summoned the Afghan ambassador and protest to him against pilotless US drone flights over its territory, officials said on Sunday.

    Iran's national TV channel announced last week that its air force had shot down a US RQ-170-type drone that entered its airspace from Afghanistan.

    Subsequently, the Iranian foreign ministry summoned Afghan Ambassador Obaidullah Obaid to protest the recent violation of its airspace by the US spy aircraft.

    The state-controlled IRNA news agency reported an explanation was sought from the envoy on the issue. Iran also asked Afghanistan to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

    After the drone was shot down, the International Security Assistance Force said one of its aircraft had been missing during a mission in the western part of Afghanistan.

    The unmanned aircraft lost contact with US troops, a statement from the NATO-led force said, adding the incident was being investigated.