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    Afghan envoy to Qatar summoned

    KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday said it has summoned Afghan ambassador to Qatar home for "consultations," but sources say Khalid Ahmad Zakaria has been recalled for more information about the possibility of Taliban insurgents setting up an office in Doha.

    In a statement, the ministry said Kabul enjoyed good relationship with Doha and was thankful to its considerable support in Afghanistan's reconstruction.

    Keeping in mind the recent developments in the region and Afghanistan, Zakaria had been recalled to come home for some consultations, the statement said.

    However, some sources in Kabul said the government had called Zakria after the Arabian peninsula began talking to the Taliban about setting up a representative office there.

    The envoy has been asked come back and clarify a few things in connections with the Qatar's initiative to establish an office for the Afghan Taliban, sources said.

    It is said that Qatar, the US and Germany had agreed to let Taliban open its political office in Doha. According to the Doha based Al Jazeera private TV channel, the Qatar government was willing to allow the Taliban to open their political office.

    Germany, the US and Qatar had secretly discussed the issue at the 2nd Bonn Conference on December 5.