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    Kabul police station attack being probed

    KABUL (PAN): An investigation has been launched into an overnight hand-grenade attack on a police station west of Kabul city, officials said on Saturday.

    The attack in the fifth police district in an area between the Mirwais Maidan (Kota Sangi) and Company locality took place late on Friday night, but there were no casualties.

    Brig. Gen. Muhammad Zahir, the 101 Thunder Military Corps commander in Kabul, rejected reports that it was a group suicide attack. He arrived at the area one hour after the incident.

    He said an investigation had been launched into the attack.

    The Interior Ministry spokesman Siddiq Siddiqui said an unidentified person lobbed a grenade into the police station, but no one was hurt.

    But eyewitnesses claimed ambulances were seen heading toward hospitals from the scene.

    They claimed hearing gunfire and at least two explosions.

    A Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the police post was attacked by a group of suicide attackers, killing several policemen.