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    Heavy snow blocks roads in Badakhshan

    FAIZABAD (PAN): A dozen districts in eastern northern Badakhshan province on Tuesday remained disconnected from the capital, Faizabad, after heavy snowfall blocked roads, an official said on Tuesday.

    Since last night, heavy snow continued to fall across the province, blocking roads which connect the city to Nasi, Mami, Raghistan, Shaki, Kofab, Khwahan, Shar-i-Buzarg, Tashkan, Kohisan, Ragh, and Shaghnan districts, the provincial Natural Disasters Management Department head, Sanaullah Amiri, said.

    In some district, the depth of snow was measured at one meter, he said, adding efforts were in place to reopen the blocked roads.

    Food and other daily-use items were being transferred to the snow-bound areas through Tajikistan border, he added.

    He said about 3000 people were estimated to be stranded in these areas.