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    MPs say Logar governor is irresponsible

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): A parliamentary delegation on Wednesday accused the governor of central Logar province of not allowing it to monitor activities of government institutions.

    The Wolesi Jirga delegation headed by Nawab Mangal had arrived here to assess activities of government institutions. However, the delegates were not allowed by the governor, Attiqullah Ludin, to do their job, a public representative from Logar said.

    Hajji Akbar Stanikzai said they had a scheduled meeting with the governor and departmental heads, but they were told by Ludin that the meeting had been cancelled.

    He said despite having a presidential decree, the governor had denounced their visit as illegal. Stanikzai called the governor as irresponsible, saying the government system in the province had weakened due his wrong policies.

    Another MP from the province, Sahib Khan Ahmadzai, said the delegation visited the province in response to complaints of residents regarding corruption, embezzlement and lack of security. He claimed their investigation showed huge corruption was existed in departments.

    An official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the governor had told the MPs that their interference in his government activities was an illegal act.

    “We spend several days to have a simple work done at a government office," a resident of Pul-i-Alam, Zabih, said. He said the Taliban fighters active in some districts were involved in disruptive activities due a fragile government's writ.  

    The governor could not be reached for comments. His spokesman rejected the lawmakers' claims, saying since the beginning, the governor had been cooperative with MPs.

    Din Mohammad Darwesh said:” We are ready to help the MPs assess the activities of departments.”

    Stanikzai said they were only able to discuss problems facing residents of the province. He said they would discuss the problems with high officials in Kabul on return.