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    Drive to remove road barricades launched in Khost

    KHOST CITY (PAN): A campaign for removing security barriers from roads and around offices has been launched in the provincial capital of southeastern Khost province to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, the governor said on Friday.

    After launching the drive, Abdul Jabbar Naeemi told reporters that the campaign was aimed at addressing traffic problems in Khost City. "All roads in the city or surrounding areas will be cleared of barricades to let people move freely," he said.

    Residents say most of roads remained closed due to traffic jams during day time. However, Naeemi said the problem was being resolved with the removal of security barriers from roads.

    Police chief Brig. Gen. Sardar Muhammad Zazai also promised removing encroachments on roads and asked drivers to follow traffic rules.

    Meanwhile, the governor laid the foundation stone of a post office. Naeemi said the office would also have internet and telephone facilities.