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    Mansoori acknowledges Zabul as a neglected province

    QALAT (PAN): Rural Rehabilitation and Development Minister Jarullah Mansoori on Thursday acknowledged that southern Zabul province has been ignored in terms of development projects.

    During a visit to Qalat, the provincial capital, the minister promised none of the schemes initiated by his ministry would be left incomplete. He also addressed a huge gathering of tribal elders and government officials.

    On the occasion, Senator Dr. Zalmay Zabuli complained central and provincial governments, as well as foreigners, were doing nothing to grant Zabul residents their fundamental rights.

    "A weak government is the real cause of insecurity in the province. If the situation remains unchanged, people will eventually join the Taliban," warned a tribal elder, Muhammad Rasul Kochi.

    Governor Ashraf Nasiri said although some new projects were in progress, they would not meet people's demands. He added they were taking steps to launch reconstruction projects, but insecurity was a major hurdle.