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    ACB reappoints Kabir Khan as coach

    KABUL (PAN): Former Pakistani Test player, Kabir Khan, was reappointed as Afghan cricket coach, the head of the game's regulating body said on Saturday.

    A new contract for three years had been signed with Khan, who would come to Afghanistan after a month to start coaching the national team, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) chief said.

    Nasimullah Danish told Pajhwok Afghan News the national team needed a competent coach like Khan.  "With his counsel and coaching, the squad will win international matches," he hoped.

    Khan has not only been a good player and experienced coach, but he has also vast knowledge of Afghanistan's languages, culture and traditions.

    The ex-cricketer, who was appointed as coach in 2009, produced positive results. But he resigned the position last year to take over as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) coach. Subsequently, the ACB hired another Pakistani cricketer, Rashid Latif, but he also left after a few months.

    Former Afghan skipper Raees Ahmadzai welcomed the ACB decision and said Khan had the ability to groom players better than other foreigners. He could travel to all parts of the country, according to Ahmadzai.

    "Khan will be able to fill training gaps," hoped Rahim Gul Sarwan, editor of the Loba magazine. Being familiar with Afghans, he could train them well for international events, Sarwan believed.

    With the joining of the Pakistani cricketer, the national team had become complete, remarked sports trainer, Zarab Shah Zaheer. "Khan is a master planner and a good coach at that."