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    Lack of professional teachers haunts students in Bamyan

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Students in Bamyan complain about a lack of professional teachers, while education officials say five teacher training collages have been established in the central province.

    A student, Mohammad Afzal, said despite a shortage of professional teachers, some of them remain absent from schools.

    He said he was attending a private course in Bamyan city to get prepared for the 10th grade due to the lack of professional teachers in his own district.

    He asked the education department to train more teachers for their capacity building.

    Education Director Mohammad Raza Ada said five teacher training colleges had been established in Panjab, Wars, Kohmard, Saighan and Yakawlang districts, where currently 300 teachers were being trained in different fields for two years.

    The problem has been resolved to a great extent compared to previous years, and more improvements would be seen in the education, he said.

    A teacher, Mohammad Daud, said: "I got no teaching training after completion of 12th grade." He wished receiving training in the future to be prepared for teaching.

    More than 3450 teachers have been appointed to schools in Bamyan, where only two had their master's degrees, 142 bachelor, 601 under graduate and 1,618 others had 12th grade certificates. Another 1,000 teachers have been appointed on contract basis.