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    Strategic pacts with 3 European countries this month

    KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan would enter strategic cooperation agreements with three European countries this month (January), a Ministry of Foreign Affairs official said on Saturday.  

    Currently, talks over the agreements are in place with England, France and Italy, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Janan Musazai, told reporters in Kabul.

    National interests would be kept supreme while signing the agreements, he said, adding talks were underway with NATO, European Union and Australian officials on political, security, economical, cultural and other aspects of the pacts.

    Musazai also said more discussions over all aspects of the proposed strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the US were needed to take place.

    "Afghanistan will maintain balance in its relations with neighboring countries," he assured.

    The US-Afghanistan accord was discussed almost two months ago by the traditional Loya Jirga, attended by 2000 Afghan elders. The delegates gave a conditional green signal to the agreement allowing the Americans to establish military bases in Afghanistan.