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    13 Ghazni schools remained closed

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Thirteen schools in southern Ghazni province remained closed throughout 2011 due to security problems, an official said on Monday.

    The schools included nine in Nava district and four in Zankhan district, education director, Husni Mubarak Azizi, told a news conference.

    He linked the closure to shortage of students and location of some schools in remote areas. He added the Taliban were in control of Nava district over the past four years.

    Howver, he said pro-education councils have been created in all districts to make efforts at removing hurdles to education.

    Azizi said 71 previously closed schools in fourteen volatile districts had been reopened. He hoped the rest of closed schools would be reopened with the help of the pro-education councils until next year.

    "Education has improved in the province, where most of schools have new buildings," he said.

    Ghazni has 629 schools providing education to 350,000 students.

    Provincial council member, Juma Khan Taraki, said insecurity was the major reason hindering progress in term of education, besides lack of attention on the part of the officials concerned.