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    Ghazni residents prefer use of solar power system

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Residents of southern Ghazni proivnce are increasingly prefer the use of solar energy system to electrify their houses due to shortage of state household electric equipment, said, Mohammad Anwar, a resident of Qarabagh district. In addition to the capital city, shopkeepers in all districts sell solar panels.

    "People in rural areas have stopped using lanterns in their houses and have installed solar power systems," he said.

    Abdul Latif, a shopkeeper selling solar panels in the captial city, said the system had a good market nowadays. "The solar power systerm gives rural families efficient means to cook their food and light their homes and run TVs," he said.

    Chinese, Japanese, German, American and Indian solar systems are being sold in most of the shops in the capital city.

    "The installation cost 3,000 to 15,000 afghanis based on voltage and quality," the shokeeper said.

    As residents in rural areas lack access to electricty, they prefer buying solar system, deputy provincial council head, Amanullah Kamrani, said.

    According to Saifullah Maftoon, the governor's spokesman, 75 percent of residents in Ghazni used solar system at their houses. In the past, people would only need to light their houses, but now they use other electric items to fulfill daily needs, he said.

    Water and Energy Director Eng. Jan Mohammad said 60 percent of residents of the capital city had electricity provided by the government. Howver, he said none of the district had the facility.

    Mohammad said residents across the province could have access to state electricity, if the hydroelctric system was installed at Sultan Dam.