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    Destitute families to get food coupons in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Up to 18900 destitute families would be involved in a food coupon system for about six months in the capital Kabul, officials said on Tuesday.

    An agreement in this regard was signed on Tuesday among the Public Works Ministry, the Minister for Martyrs and Disables, Amini Afzali, and the World Food Programme (WFP) acting director for Afghanistan, Bradley Guerrant.

    Under the agreement, the WFP would provide $3,000,000 (147,750,000 afs) for initiating the coupon system, Afzali said, adding deserving families would be recognised based on a survey by the WFP.

    She added food coupons would be distributed with assistance from the Public Works Ministry.

    "The coupons will be distributed mainly to poor women and families having their heads with disabilities," Afzali added.

    The families would be able to purchase essential daily use items for only $25 at appointed stores.