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    Elders demand construction of dam in Samangan

    KABUL (PAN): Tribal elders from northern Samangan province on Sunday urged President Hamid Karzai to order the construction of a water dam in the Aab village.

    On behalf of tribal elders, Syed Iqbal Munib and Amir Mohammad Khan said nearly 40,000 acres of land would come under irrigation with the construction of the dam.

    A statement from the Presidential Palace said the project, when implemented, would reduce the water shortage being faced by 35,000 gardeners of the province.  

    The elders also called for speeding up construction of roads, paying greater attention to the agriculture sector and appointment of locals to provincial government departments.   

    Karzai promised the elders their demands would be discussed at a Cabinet meeting. The president asked his interlocutors to send their children to school and play a proactive role in promoting education and ending reliance on foreign aid.