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    Snow-covered roads cause spike in accidents

    GARDEZ (PAN): Slow-paced snow-clearing efforts have led to a spike in traffic accidents at the Sato Kandaw Pass on the Kabul-Gardez highway in southeastern Paktia province, drivers and residents complained on Tuesday.  

    Snowfall creates hurdles to a smooth traffic flow through the pass during winter, acknowledged the public works director, Abdullah Durrani, in an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News.

    His department had set aside four million afghanis ($80,694) for snow-clearing operations, the director said, adding they were doing their bit to deal with the problem.

    A truck driver, Sharifullah, said vehicles slipped on the ice-covered pass. "My truck slipped and crashed into a rock, causing me a loss of more than id="mce_marker"000," he added.

    The snow-clearing operation was yet to be launched in the Teri Kandaw area, where the snow had frozen, making matters worse for motorists.

    "Since Sunday, more than 20 traffic accidents have occurred in the area, with people suffering life and financial losses," the driver claimed.

    However, the director blamed the cold weather for the slow snow-clearing efforts. Durrani asked drivers to use tyre chains in icy conditions. He said the department's employees daily sprinkled the roads with sand and salt.