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    Khost, Paktia residents condemn Berlin meeting

    KHOST CITY (PAN): Former jihadi leaders and tribal elders in southeastern Khost on Thursday strongly condemned the Berlin meeting that conferred on a federal government system in Afghanistan.

    Nearly 200 former mujahideen, tribal elders, influential figures and students attended a gathering in Khost city to condemn the Berlin meeting that was attended by some Afghan politicians and US lawmakers to initiate efforts at establishing a federal system in the country.

    Addressing the gathering, head of the Mujahidin Unity Council, Qari Abdul Wali, said the meeting between US lawmakers and Afghan politicians was a conspiracy against the Afghans.

    "We would not let anyone to divide the country and spark internal wars among the people of Afghanistan," he said.

    The achievement so far made by the Afghan government over the past one decade would be lost to a federal system if established, a former jihadi leader from Tani district, Nawab said. He said a federal form of government was successful in a society where no ethnic differences were existed.

    The regime could damage the already existing unity among Afghans, said Dr. Gulab, a former jihadi commander. He asked the international community not to let anyone to create more problems for Afghanistan.

    A similar gathering was held in neighbouring Paktia province, Provincial council members, tribal elders, civil society representatives and youth attended the gathering held in Gardez city. The participants condemned the Berlin summit as a plot to divide the country.