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    45 trapped in snow-bound Bamyan tunnels rescued

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): At least 45 passengers, trapped by heavy snowfall in two tunnels of central Bamyan province, were rescued on Sunday, officials said.

    Qonaq and Shato tunnels have been blocked as a result of the ongoing snowfall, recorded at up to 60 centimeters, posing a threat to passengers.

    Mohammad Raza Rafat, director of the Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority, told Pajhwok Afghan News the tunnels connected Bamyan with Daikundi.

    He said 25 passengers traveling from Punjab district to Bamyan City were trapped in the snow-bound Qonaq tunnel. They were rescued and shifted to safety.

    Also rescued were another 20 people, including National Directorate of Security employees and teachers, who were marooned in the Shato tunnel.

    Separately, four people were injured as their vehicle overturned in Waras district, said Mohammad Zaman Bahlol, the town's administrative chief.

    Roads linking Waras, Punjab and Seghan districts with the provincial capital stayed closed, the NADMA director said, adding snow-clearing efforts would be launched soon.