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    14 snow- stranded people rescued in Badakhshan

    FAIZABAD (PAN): Fourteen people trapped in avalanches triggered by heavy snow were rescued and link roads in Zibak and Wakhan districts reopened in northeastern Badakhshan province, officials said on Tuesday.

    A rescue team of the Agha Khan Foundation (AKF) and FOCUS organisation rescued the stranded individuals and recovered a dead body in Ishkashim district, the Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) regional head said.

    Sanaullah Amiri told Pajhwok Afghan News the people were trapped while crossing the area. Three of the rescued men, who had sustained injuries, were evacuated to the district health clinic in stable condition.

    Meanwhile, Public Works Director Mohammad Rafiq Sherzai said snowfall had blocked several roads in Wardaj, Zibak, Ishkashim, Wakhan, Shaghnan, Yaftal Payeen, Raghistan, Kohistan, Yawan, Mami, Nasi, Shaki, Kofab and Khwahan districts.

    He said a snow-clearing team had removed avalanches in the Sufiyan area of Wardaj district, reopening the road between Zibak and Ishkashim.