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    Death toll from Badakhshan avalanches soars to 28

    FAIZABAD (PAN): The death toll from avalanches, triggered by heavy snowfall, has increased to 28 in northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said on Wednesday.

    Four more avalanches have hit the province since Tuesday, causing financial and life losses, the natural disaster department director said.

    Sanaullah Amiri told Pajhwok Afghan News three people, including a woman, were killed and six others injured as a result of an avalanche in the Hanbar village of Khwahan district.

    Amiri said the second avalanche happened in the Sarbaland village of the district, injuring 25 people and destroying four houses. At least 200 household animals were killed in the incident.

    In Raghistan district, an avalanche killed 8 people, injuring 21 others, the official said. Another two people have been missing. Two brothers were killed as a result of a forth avalanche in the Chashma-i-Dukhtaran area of the Shahr-i-Buzurg district.  

    According to Amiri, 28 people were killed and 64 others injured due to avalanches in the province over the past week. He feared the casualties could rise.