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    Blood donation drive kicks off in Faizabad

    FAIZABAD (PAN): The Department of Public Health on Saturday launched a blood donation drive in Faizabad, the capital of northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said.

    Acting Public Health Director Dr. Noor Ahmad Khawari said the campaign was aimed at ensuring availability of blood in hospitals for patients, especially pregnant women, who needed operations. 

    Khawari said 10 pregnant women had died at the Faizabad Civil Hospital this year due to a shortage of blood. Employees of his department had been tasked to encourage people to donate blood.

    Nearly 10,000cc blood was donated within two hours of the drive. A university student, Aziza who donated 500cc blood, said: "I want to help protect the lives of ailing people."

    Head of journalist union, Abdul Basir Haqjo who also donated blood, said needy patients would benefit from the campaign.

    Two maternity experts and 12 nurses, including midwives, are working at the 20-bed maternity ward, said Hajira Zia, a gynecologist.