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    20 insurgents join reconciliation programme in Jalalabad (Video)

    JALALABAD (PAN): Twenty militants joined the reconciliation process as a result of joint efforts by National Directorate of Security (NDS) officials and provincial peace council members in eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Sunday.

    The fighters had been active against the government in Achin, Haska Mina and Rodat districts, Deputy Governor Muhammad Hanif Gardiwal told a news conference. The insurgents also turned in 20 heavy weapons, he said, promising jobs for the individuals renouncing violence.

    The group, including a commander, handed a machine gun, two rocket launchers and other weapons to security forces, said Malak Nazir, the High Peace Council head for the Nangarhar chapter.

    PAJHWOK/Babrak Amirzada