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    4 projects executed in Farah

    FARAH (PAN): Four public welfare projects, benefiting thousands of families, were inaugurated in western Farah province, an official said on Wednesday.

    The schemes include the construction of 1.364 kilometre roadside drains, a 2.840 kilometres sidewalk, boundary walls around public parks, 9 parking lots and a green belt in Farah City.

    Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the projects accounted for $600,000 and took six months to complete.  

    Development Council chief, Syed Mohammad, said: "The schemes were implemented in line with recommendations of the council and residents." He hoped the projects would help reduce traffic problems on highways and in parks.

    Resident Mohammad Ibrahim said previously there was no parking lot in the province and people had to park their vehicles on roads, which often led to traffic disruption.