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    Police commander among 4 killed in clashes

    QALA-I-NAW/PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Three Taliban insurgents and a local police commander were killed in separate incidents, officials said on Sunday.

    Another three fighters and four policemen were injured during a joint operation by Afghan National Army and local police in the Panirak area of Balamorghab district of northern Badghis province.

    An intelligence officer said on condition of anonymity a local police commander was also killed and two others were wounded as a result of the operation on Saturday night.

    “Haji Baz Mohammad, an important local police commander, had been cooperating with police for a year,” said a tribal elder from the area, Haji Amin-ul-Haq.

    Separately, two policemen were injured as a result of a Taliban ambush in the Kharwar district of central Logar province. The clash erupted when the policemen were patrolling an area near the district centre, the provincial police chief said.

    Brig. Gen. Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai added a police vehicle was also damaged during the clash.

    The Taliban escaped, but police had launched an investigation into the case, said Col. Mohammad Jan Abid, the Logar crime branch chief.