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    Logar peace council condemned as incompetent

    PUL-I-ALM (PAN): Officials in central Logar province on Tuesday criticised the High Peace Council as incompetent, saying its members regularly received salaries but did nothing to justify their privileges.

    The council had taken no practical steps toward peace and stability since its establishment in the province, the provincial council chief, Dr. Abdul Wali, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    He likened the panel to a project, whose workers received salaries without any hard work or contribution. He alleged the council members had no popularity among the people.

    Governor Attiqullah Lodin said up to 360 people had joined the reconciliation programme in a year, ahead of the council’s creation.

    However, he added, militants stopped surrendering since the council’s formation seven months ago. Logar was one of the vulnerable provinces, which needed serious attention, he continued.

    Although the peace council acknowledged its failure to convince insurgents into laying down their arms, it rejected the allegation that no steps had been taken toward peace and stability in the province.

    Council chief, Gen. Abdul Jalil, said they had no office until last month. They were unable to receive rebels due to security concerns, he added.

    Peace council members, who were appointed in line with the recommendations of the governor, were currently negotiating with militants, Jalil explained.