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    Laghman teachers distributed land plots

    MEHTARLAM (PAN): Education minister on Thursday launched the process of distributing land plots to teachers in eastern Laghman province, where some newly-constructed school buildings were inaugurated, officials said.

    Dr. Farooq Wardak inaugurated a township having 261 plots for teachers in the Alishang district at a ceremony also attended by Governor Iqbal Azizi, education department officials, teachers and tribal elders.

    Wardak, who travelled to neighboring Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, told the ceremony at the governor’s office he would travel to all provinces to hear people’s problems concerning education.

    “We try to solve all education-related problems in the next three years, so each school in every village have books and teachers,” he said.

    Since March, 2011, reconstruction work on 44 schools had been launched and 21 of them were inaugurated and the rest under contraction, he said.