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    6,000 Kunduz teachers complete in-service training

    KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): Up to 6,000 teachers completed an in-service training course that lasted three years in northern Kunduz province, officials said on Sunday.

    The World Bank-funded project called “national training programme for in-service teachers” was implemented through the education ministry and the JACK organisation, Hafizullah Rassouli, the JACK head for Kunduz, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    Kunduz has 7,000 teachers, said Rassouli, who added the training programme was aimed at introducing a new method of teaching on how to improve students’ intellectual growth and their education level.

    The local non-governmental organisation, JACK, has been working in education and training sectors over the past five years in Kunduz.

    Education spokesman Khanzada Gul Salarzai said:”Students are not able to easily learn lessons with old teaching methods.”

    Ghotai, a teacher in Aisha Sidiqa Girls School, said:” I learned new methods of teaching that would help us how to teach students and encourage them into learning their lessons”.