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    Key Taliban assassins detained: spy service

    KABUL (PAN): Three key Taliban assassins accused of killing senior security and government officials, including Kunduz governor, have been arrested in the Jabalus Saraj district of central Parwan province, the spy service said on Tuesday.

    The individuals were involved in the assassinations of Gen. Mohammad Daud Daud, the 303rd Pamir Zone Police commander, Brig. Gen. Shah Jahan Noori, police chief for northern Takhar province and Eng. Mohammad Omar, the governor of northern Kunduz province and lawmaker Abdul Mutalib Baik.  

    The National Directorate of Security spokesman, Lotfullah Mashal, identified the three as Qari Yaseen alias Hekmat, Qari Hassan alias Sabir and Qari Muhibullah. 

    He told a news conference in Kabul the individuals, ex-students of the Khwaja Mukhtar religious school in Takhar city, had confessed to their crimes during preliminary investigation.

    They were encouraged to join the militancy by Qari Abdur Rahim, a cleric, currently living in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

    Rahim had helped transferred Abdullah, a suicide bomber, from Pakistan to carry out a suicide attack at the funeral ceremony for Mullah Shah Jahan, a local, in Taluqan. Among the dead was lawmaker Abdul Mutalib Baik.

    08 Oct 2010

    Mohammad Omar, governor of the German-garrisoned province of Kunduz, died alongside at least 14 others in a bomb attack in October, 2010.

    Omar had survived three previous attempts on his life; his killing was the most high profile assassination of an Afghan government official since 2008.

    Gen. Daud Daud, the police chief for the northern zone, was killed in an explosion on May 28, 2011 along with provincial police head Brig. Gen. Shah Jehan Noori, two other policemen, and two German soldiers.

    The explosion took place in the governor’s office during a high-level meeting in Takhar province.