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    Peace council receives $2.5m Dutch assistance

    KABUL (PAN): Holland gave $2.5 million in aid to the Afghanistan High Peace Council for strengthening peace and stability in the country, officials said on Tuesday.  

    A contract to the effect was inked among Finance Minister Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, the peace council secretary Mohammad Masoum Stanikzai and the Dutch Ambassador to Afghanistan, Radinck Van Vollenhoven, in Kabul.

    Speaking on the occasion, Stanikzai said peace could not be purchased with money, but efforts could be made to encourage people into promoting peace.

    Praising Holland for the assistance, he said the aid would be spent on initiating development programmes to bring positive changes to the lives of people.

    The Dutch envoy Radinck Van Vollenhoven said his country was committed to supporting the peace process in Afghanistan.   Holland has donated $700 million in aid to Afghanistan since 2001.

    For his part, Zakhilwal said the high peace council had received up to $157 million from donor countries since its establishment. He said the assistance would be used to strengthen efforts at brining peace and stability.