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    Talks on Afghan-US strategic pact resume

    KABUL (PAN): Talks on a proposed strategic cooperation agreement with the US government have recently been resumed after a break due to the 2nd Bonn conference on December 5, 2011, an official said on Tuesday.

    The talks were supposed to resume in January, but delayed until this month, the Afghan foreign ministry spokesman, Janna Musazai, told news conference in Kabul, but stopped short of giving more details.

    The Afghan government has recently signed strategic cooperation pacts with India, the UK, Italy and France.

    When asked about the peace negotiation between the Taliban and the US, Musazai said the Afghan government was aware of all the developments.

    "There is a need for more time, efforts, work and patience to see the peace talks succeed. The talks are currently in initial stages," he said without going into details.

    His remarks came days after rumors that the Afghan government had been bypassed in the peace negotiations between the Taliban and the US.

    The Taliban last month confirmed they had agreed to have a political office in Qatar for peace talks with the Afghan government and the international fraternity.