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    3 Parwan children die of measles, 150 infected

    CHARIKAR (PAN): Three unvaccinated children died from measles and another 150 have been infected with the chronic respiratory disease in the Salang district of central Parwan province, an official said on Wednesday.

    Provincial council member Abdul Zahir Salangi told Pajhwok Afghan News the disease had claimed the lives of three children over the past one week in the Chala village, where 150 others had been infected.

    He said the village was located in an impassable area, from where people could not easily commute to the district centre.  

    Abdul Aziz, whose two children have died of the disease, said:” My children got infected with measles a week ago, but I was unable to take them to the health centre in the district centre due to the closer roads by snowfall”.

    Public Health Director Mohammad Qasim Syeedi confirmed the outbreak of the disease, but rejected any deaths from it.

    He said a team of doctors had been dispatched to the area to know the exact situation. He asked people to take their children to hospital at the initial stage of the disease.