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    Kapisa residents complain of insecurity on roads

    MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Residents of central Kapisa province complain about insecurity while traveling to districts, asking the government to establish security posts along roads leading to the towns.

    “We cannot travel to districts because of security reasons,” a resident of Sakhin area of Ala Sai district, Mohammad Sabir, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    His brother, an Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier, was killed by Taliban fighters on his way home, he said. “Some of the fighters kill innocent people on the charge of working for the government,” he said.

    Tariq, a teacher in Mahmood Raqi, capital of Kapisa province, said the government must establish checkpoints along roads to ensure safe traveling.

    “The Taliban detained me earlier this year when I was on my way to Tagab district. I told them that I am a teacher, but they threatened me with death if I did not quit the job,” he said. After that incident, he said, he could not travel to Tagab and Ala Sai districts.

    People of the two districts say robbers in the disguise of Taliban or Afghan security personnel sometimes loot them on the road to Tagab and Ala Sai districts.

    However, the Tagab district chief, Abdul Hakeem Akhunzada, said the security in his district had improved compared to previous years due to the establishment of many ANA and police checkpoints.

    “The security across province is better, except the two districts”, Governor Mihrabuddin Safi acknowledged.

    For better security on roads, he said, they would deploy more police. Most of cargo vehicles would reach northern Afghanistan through Kapisa province after the security was improved. He said the development would bring positive changes in the economic condition of people of the province.