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    Ghor MPs concerned over illegal gunmen

    KABUL (PAN): Wolesi Jirga members hailing from western Ghor province, in a meeting with President Hamid Karzai, voiced concern over the existence of illegal armed groups in their province, the Karzai office said on Saturday.

    The lawmakers urged the President to increase the number of police in the province, the President Palace said in a statement.  

    The presence of illegal gunmen posed a serious threat to the security situation in Ghor and the government should make efforts in this regard, the statement quoted female MP Sima Joyenda, as saying. She stressed the need for encouraging provincial departments into improving their coordination in order to ensure good governance.  

    Another lawmaker, Abdul Ghafoor Timan said although there had been some improvement in various sectors in Chaghcharan city, some problems remained unresolved in remote parts of the province. He said their province lacked schools, doctors, medicines and roads.

    The President promised to make efforts at ensuring good governance and addressing problems being faced by residents in Ghor province.  

    Karzai insisted government departments should increase cooperation with each other to serve the people in a better way.