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    Delay in issuance of passports sparks protest

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Residents of the southern province of Ghazni staged a protest agaisnt inordinate delays in issuance of pasports and kickbacks charged by middlemen, officials said on Sunday.

    Dozens of people protested in front of the revenue department and police headquarters in Ghazni City, the provincial capital, against a delay of months in issuance of passports.

    A porestor from Gilan district, Rafiullah, said he had submited an application a month ago, but he was still waiting for the issuance of his pasport.

    “There are many others who have been awaiting their pasports for months, but the those who have links with officials or bribe commission agents get the their pasports within days,” he alleged.

    Belonging to Nawar district, Ghulam Abbas said he had applied for a passport three months ago, but there was no sign of the document being issued to him. The people who bribed police easily got pasports, the protestor claimed.

    Police headquarters and revenue department officials often invoked the excuse that pasport copies were yet to be received from Kabul, but those who paid bribes had no problem in receiving the document, said a member of the provincial council, Amanullah Kamrani.

    However, the deputy police chief, Col. Mohammad Husain, said there were 2,000 applicants, but the number of pasport copies available in the province was too small.