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    Man suspected of stealing ISAF equipment detained

    KABUL (PAN): A man suspected of stealing and selling International Security Force (ISAF) equipment to militants was held during an operation by the Afghan Special Forces in Kabul, the interior ministry said on Monday.

    A statement from the ministry said Mohammad Rafiq, a resident of central Parwan province, was detained along with the stolen items from a residence in the 7th police district on the outskirts of Kabul.

    The items including 20 torches, two electric burglar alarms, one camera, a single armour, five AK-47 assault rifle torches, 18 weapon lights, one binocular, an aircraft’s night vision system, 80 handheld lights and 14 grenade launchers were seized during the operation.  


    Additionally, the security personnel confiscated two satellite antennas, some walkie-talkies and a computer used by the US military, the ministry said, adding the detainee was currently under investigation.

    Meanwhile, ISAF confirmed the seizure, saying the individual was suspected of stealing coalition equipment and weapons and selling the items to insurgents and criminal gangs.

    During the operation, the security force discovered a large amount of stolen equipment and weapons. The items were confiscated and will be used as evidence for prosecution.