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    Munter misquoted on Taliban talks: US embassy

    KABUL (PAN): The US embassy in Kabul on Tuesday said that the American ambassador to Pakistan was misquoted by media outlets regarding peace negotiations with the Taliban.

    Cameron Munter was repeatedly misquoted that the Afghan government had launched meetings with the Taliban in Qatar a statement from the US embassy said.

    "In fact, Munter had stated that the United States wants to see an Afghan-led process for peace and he did not say that the process had begun" the statement added. 

    As US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marc Grossman said during his recent visit to Kabul that creating the conditions for a peace process among Afghans was Washington’s ultimate goal. 

    "The United States, regional countries and the international community have repeatedly reaffirmed their support for an Afghan peace process to bring Afghans together to decide and chart a better future for Afghanistan," the statement concluded.