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    Kapisa jail inmates complain of unhealth conditions

    MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Prisoners on Wednesday complained of various problems, including worn-out blankets and improper cells, at the main jail in central Parwan province.  

    Baryalai, who has been behind bars over the past two years, said all beds were broken and blankets not worth using. Most rooms were crowded, full of moisture and their roofs leaked. Inadequate sunlight was taking a toll on their health, he added.

    Another prisoner, Mir Agha, said bathrooms and toilets were old and improper for use. Most inmates were suffering from a variety of diseases like flue and cough as a result of unhealthy jail conditions.

    Up to 174 prisoners, including four women, are being held in Kapisa jail, according to officials. Police spokesman Asadullah Hamidi told Pajhwok Afghan News the prisoners were being held in a hired house.   

    He acknowledged the problems facing inmates, saying they would construct a new jail next solar year over a piece of land donated by the municipality. “I myself saw the poor living conditions of prisoners last week”.

    Governor, Gen. Mihrabudin Safi said they attached priority to processing prisoners’ cases at a good clip to prevent unnecessary inconvenience to inmates. Efforts had been intensified to construct a new jail building, he concluded.