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    Civil society activists beaten up in Badakhshan

    FAIZABAD (PAN): Two senior civil society activists were beaten up after they criticised Wolesi Jirga (lower house of parliament) members in northern Badakhshan province, officials said on Thursday. 

    The incident took place late on Wednesday during a meeting between civil society officials and some parliamentarians in Faizabad, the provincial capital, the deputy police chief said.

    Col. Sakhidad told Pajhwok Afghan News Abdul Latif Pedram, a lawmaker from Badakhshan, and Malim Saifullah, the civil society organization head, exchanged hot words on issues concerning development of the province.

    The situation turned violent when a supporter of a lawmaker attacked Saifullah and starting hitting him with fists. Haji Niamatullah, the civil society organisation’s deputy head, was also injured in the fist fight.

    Dr. Mohammad Noor Khawri, Badakhshan Civil Hospital director, said Saifullah had one of his eardrums ruptured and Niamatullah sustained injuries.

    Meanwhile, MP Amanullah Payman confirmed the incident, saying the civil society officials had attacked his character. He urged security officials to deal with the assailant in accordance with the law.