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    20 militants join reconciliation process

    HERAT (PAN): Two rebel groups, including their commanders, joined the national reconciliation programme in western Herat province, an official said on Saturday.

    The insurgents were operating in the Rabat-i-Sangi district of the province, Governor Daud Shah Saba told a news conference. “The surrender of the 20 militants will help improve security in the area.”  

    Led by Mullah Padshah, one nine-member group renounced the insurgency as a result of efforts by the National Directorate of Security (NDS), the Afghan spy service, which said the individuals also turned in 10 weapons.

    Another nine militants, led by Mullah Saber, joined the peace drive through the first brigade of the Zafar Military Crops and provincial high peace council, an NDS statement said.

    Rabat-i-Sangi, bordering Turkmenistan, was among 13 districts of the province that transitioned to the Afghan security lead 45 days ago.