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    Saudi sets terms for Kabul-Taliban mediation

    KABUL (PAN): The government of Saudi Arabia is ready for mediation if three of its conditions were met by the Taliban, a media report said on Sunday.

    "Saudi Arabia's conditions for mediation are that the Taliban lay down their weapons, engage in the political process and renounce Al-Qaeda,” AFP quoted a senior Saudi official as saying.

    The kingdom, which the Afghan government wants to host the reconciliation dialogue, has not yet said anything regarding the Taliban’s political office.

    "These are our three demands, and they have not changed over the past three years," the unnamed official added.

    Muhammad Hassan Haqyar, a Kabul-based political analyst, characterised the Saudi offer as very important and recalled the kindom had been willing to play that role in the past.

    “The Saudi royal family fears the Al Qaeda network and that’s why it avoids any involvement in the peace process,” he remarked.