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    Border police equipped with advanced weaponry

    JALALABAD (PAN): The Ministry of Interior has provided 300 armoured vehicles to the 1st border police brigade stationed on the eastern border of Pakistan, in Nangarhar province, officials said on Tuesday.   

    The vehicles are laced with long-range rifles and artilleries of advanced technology, Col. Mohammad Ayub Hussainkhel, the 3rd Border Police Brigade Commander, told Pajhwok Afghan News.  

    He said the ministry would soon equip border police with more high-tech military equipment.

    “The border police are now capable of maintaining better security for the Durand Line and to prevent infiltration of militants into the province from Pakistan,” he added.   

    Mohammad Idrees Momand, border police spokesman, said military trucks of international standards had also been supplied to border guards.

    He added the guns and weapons were fitted with modern telecommunication systems to hit long-distance target and with this equipment forces are able to control the 600-kilometer porous border with Pakistan.  

    Last year, Pakistani soldiers shelled Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, inflicting casualties and damages on civilian houses at the border, and Afghan border forces lamented they had no modern weapons to retaliate.

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