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    Uruzgan road reopens after a decade

    TIRINKOT (PAN): A road linking Khas Uruzgan district and Tirinkot, the capital of central Uruzgan province, was reopened on Tuesday for traffic, after a decade of closure due to militant threats.

    Khas Uruzgan district is located 160 kilometres northeast of Tirinkot and borders Ghazni, Daikundi and Zabul provinces.

    Due to militant activity along the road, people and government staff could not travel the route that was reopened after a joint operation by Afghan National Army (ANA) and police.

    Farid Ail, police spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News that people could travel to the district centre without any fear. Earlier, he recalled, they supplied logistics to the district centre with the support of security forces.

    Reopening of the road would ease mobility for residents, who once faced the wrath of Taliban who harassed locals for hours and demanded them to fight against the government, said resident Abdul Ahad.

    Another dweller, Sardar who reached Tirinkot on Monday evening, said he faced no problem during his trip to the provincial capital.

    He urged the government to launch reconstruction projects in the district to help jobless people who are currently deprived of basic facilities.