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    Gass denounces Kabul suicide attack

    KABUL (PAN): NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan Ambassador Simon Gass has denounced Wednesday’s suicide attack in Kabul that killed and wounded more than 20 people, mainly innocent Afghan women and school children.

    The suicide assault near the Customs Department in the 9th police district came the day Mullah Omar said the Taliban should safeguard the lives of civilians. Seven people were killed and 17 others wounded in the bombing.

    “But by using suicide bombers who indiscriminately take the lives of their fellow Afghans, this attack immediately showed the insincerity of Mullah Omar's words,” Gass said in a statement from his spokesman Dominic Medley’s office.

    The ambassador added: “I condemn such attacks and praise the Afghan National Security Forces who every day serve and protect the people of Afghanistan.”