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    US pact slammed as an imperialitic move

    KABUL (PAN): The National United Front, opposing foreign military bases in Afghanistan, on Friday denounced the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the United States as imperialistic.

    “History won’t forgive supporters of this imperialistic pact. They will be condemned by Afghanistan’s present and future generations,” a statement from the party said.

    It asked parliamentarians to stake out a clear position on the agreement that would pave the way for a long-term presence of US forces in Afghanistan.

    The presence of foreign troops meant continued war in the country and scuttling the Afghan-led recociliation process, the statement added.

    Underpinning a future US troop presence in the country after most western combat soldiers withdraw in 2014, the pact was signed between President Hamid Karzai and his US counterpart Barack Obama on Tuesday.

    The long-awaited deal promises respect for Afghanistan’s sovereignty and conforms to the recommendations of last year’s traditional Loya Jirga and the United Nations’ Charter. The US says it has no intention to seek permanent bases in Afghanistan.

    But the National United Front claimed the US initially insisted on having permanent bases, but the demand was dropped after a strong reaction from people.

    Through the agreement, the US seeks long-term bases in Afghanistan, the statemnt said, adding: “As members of the international fraternity, we want good relatoins with the world, based on transparent accords that are in our national interest.”

    It went on: “Even after the signing of the pact, interference from neighbouring countries will continue. Over the past 10 years, the presence of 130,000 foreign sodliers could not stop it.”