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    300 acres of land cleared of poppies in Kapisa

    MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Nearly 300 acres of land was cleared of poppy crops as part of a poppy eradication campaign targeting various districts in central Kapisa province, officials said on Monday.

    Abdul Aleem Ayyar, the provincial anti-narcotics department head, told Pajhwok Afghan News the drive that began last week would continue until the illicit crops were destroyed across the district.

    So far, he said, the crops grown over 300 acres of land were eradicated in Kohistan, Koh Band, Nejrab and Tagab districts.  

    He urged the government to launch reconstruction projects in areas cleared of poppies.

    “With all our crops destroyed, the government now should initiate development activities in our area,” said Haji Attaullah, a resident of Nejrab district.

    The elder warned they would grow poppy next year if the government failed to honour its promises held out to residents in return for destroying their poppy fields.

    Governor Gen. Mehrabuddin Sappi claimed residents backed the anti-poppy campaign and the government would carry out development projects in line with people’s needs.