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    Rapist police officer still at large

    KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): A local police commander accused of raping a teenage girl is yet to be detained, the military prosecution office and the victim’s family said on Thursday.

    The 18-year-old victim, a resident of Tobura Kash village on the outskirts of Kunduz City, told media on May 24 that armed men of Mohammad Ishaaq Nizami, the local police commander, first abducted her and later she was raped.

    The abductors are walking freely in the city and no one listened to her complaint, she said. If the authorities did not arrest the commander, she threatened to commit suicide.

    The teenager’s father, Ghulam Mohamad, blamed Nizami for the rape and urged the government to arrest him immediately. “The government should arrest Nizami and punish him.”

    However, security officials denied that the commander was involved in the case, saying they had detained two irresponsible armed men, including the alleged rapist.

    But later military attorney of the province said those involved in the rape case were the local police and their commander, and they had issued an arrest order for the commander.

    Military prosecution head Gen. Sharifullah Safi said they had issue the arrest order for the commander and one of his fighters to the police headquarters, but they have not been arrested so far.

    According to the prosecutor, they had issued the arrest order four times and now it is the duty of the police to arrest him.

    Until the commander and his armed man were detained the case would not be closed, he added.

    However, provincial police chief Brig. Gen. Samiullah Qathra, said they had been trying to arrest the commander.