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    Taliban want ICRC to help their prisoners

    KABUL (PAN): The Taliban, praising the services of the International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC), on Friday asked the humanitarian organisation to help alleviate the plight of their prisoners in jails of Afghan and international forces.

    The ICRC has been working in Afghanistan over the past 60 years, providing valuable services for the Afghans during the jihad against Soviet invasion and thereafter, a statement from the insurgent movement said.

    In line with their policy, the Taliban said they cooperated with the ICRC and backed its operations that were beneficial for the common Afghans, not the government and international forces, the statement added.

    The group denounced what it called victimisation and killing of ICRC employees, saying the organisation worked for the welfare of the poor and needy individuals.

    In their statement, the Taliban asked ICRC to cooperate with their prisoners in jails controlled by Afghan and foreign forces. The organisation should help the inmates who were treated against international laws, they concluded.