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    Germany to support higher edu ministry for a decade

    KABUL CITY (PAN): The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the world's largest organisation supporting international exchanges of students and scholars, on Sunday promised assistaing the Ministry of Higher Education for a decade, officials said on Monday.

    Deputy Higher Education Minister Mohammad Osman Babari and DAAD Secretary Dr. Dorothea Ruland told a press conference in Kabul the assistance would focus on areas including long-distance learning, printing textbooks and master’s degree courses.

    Ruland said DAAD would start work on a 10-year plan in cooperation with the Afghan Higher Education Ministry to help organise German assistance in the said areas.

    Paving the way for students and teachers to get higher education in Germany, linking some universities of the two countries, creating facilities in areas of information technology and training computer professionals are part of the plan.  

    Without going into details, Ruland said long and short-term distant training cooperation would be carried out through linking universities of the two countries.

    Babari thanked Germany for the assistance, saying that Afghanistan needed more help for developing its education sector after three decades of war.

    Over the past decade, he added, Germany had played a vital role in Afghanistan’s reconstruction and its continued assistance was a sign of great friendship between the two countries.