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    Karzai praises poets

    KABUL (PAN): A number of poets from across the country on Tuesday attended a spring poetic session at the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

    Participants of the event, organised by Advisor on Cultural Affairs Zalmai Hewadmal, highlighted in their poems the current situation in the country.

    A statement from the president’s office said Karzai praised poets for spotlighting important issues. “This shows the love our poets have for the country.”

    He said the government had started honouring intellectuals and poets by giving them commendation letters, and the process would continue.

    Information and Culture Minister Syed Makhdoom Rahin said they had always welcomed poets and acknowledged their services and contribution.

    As directed by Karzai, he said his ministry had started issuing appreciation letters to poets and culturists.

    Four poets who published several books in Pashto, Dari and Uzbek languages, were selected by a committee and given financial assistance by the president, he recalled.